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Friday, June 7, 2013

Update on current PA SGOC Legislation and 2014 Reporting Tips

Look for us (Myers Integrated Systems, LLC) at the 95th Annual Department Pennsylvania Veterans of Foreign Wars State Convention (next week) Wednesday June 12-thru-15 at the Lancaster Host Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster.

 As of June 7, 2013 (today) there have been no recent PA legislature actions involving Small Games of Chance recording and reporting laws.  Note; I’m not including any Major League Sports SGOC related legislation activity.
As you are probably aware by now, liquor license SGOC licensee will need to begin filing semi-annual reports with the state beginning on January 2, 2014.   Below are a few tips for you as we close in on the first reportable semi-annual start date of July 1.

·        Pull-tab and Punchboard games that are ‘in-play’ on July 1 will need to be reported when you file in January 2014.
·        The ‘date out-of-play’ is the date that drives when the game is reported.
·        You will need to group each of your gaming activities by reporting week when you report.  Any of the activities listed below will need to be grouped and itemized by week for Gross Revenue, Total Expenses, Total Prizes and Net Proceeds;

o   Pull-tab game

o   Punchboards

o   Raffles

o   Special Permit Raffles

o   Daily Drawings

o   Weekly Drawings

o   50/50 Drawings

·        The reporting week is determined by first business day established in your by-laws.  Note:  Your first business day is also listed on your SGOC license application.

·        Number of W-2G forms issued beginning July 1 thru December 31 and the total gross winnings from all W-2G forms issued from July 1 thru December 31.

·        Proceeds used for public interest purpose (70%).

·        Proceeds used for operational expenses (30%).

·        Amount of proceeds retained for a substantial purchase or project (including description and completion date).

The Sienna Database System©

Removes your struggles with the PA Reporting and Recording Laws

If you are accountable for your clubs SGOC recording and reporting or if you’re an officer of a club, you may want to join over a dozen liquor license clubs now using the Sienna Database System©.  Numerous VFW’s, Legions, Slovak, Polish, German and Sportsmen clubs are using the system.

·        Sienna does all of the grouping and reporting for you - including with the PA Department of Revenue!

·        Sienna is very easy to use and the cost of the system comes from your SGOC gross sales (before you do the 70-30 split).

·        Sienna produces all LCE “suggested” required reports in addition to many custom manager reports (most are produced by date ranges you supply).

·        User Level Security – Managers/Bartenders/Secretary
·        With Sienna, you can track, record and report your membership dues.

·        Sienna allows you to track, record and report your W-2G forms (to the PA Dept. of Revenue for SGOC activity).
Contact me at DKellyMyers@gmail.com if you would like more information OR head over to our website; www.myersintsystems.com.