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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pennsylvania HB290 and HB1098 - PA Legislation that Impact SGOC License Organizations

These Bills both hit the same legislation spot at the same time but will either of them reach the final destination of becoming a Pennsylvania Law?

Both Bills have legislation involving Small Games of Chance and both bills were re-referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee this past June 20th. 

Tuesday July 30th my local Senator John Wozniak’s office returned a call I made with his office inquiring if they had any information pertaining to these bills. 

Senator Wozniak’s Executive Director Josh Myers (no relation) promptly returned my call and told me the summer recess would last until September 23.  Mr. Myers also suggested that I reach out to Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman’s office to ask for any information about the bills.

I called Senator Corman’s office on Wednesday and I was connected with Senator Corman’s Legislative Director Scott Sikorski.  Mr. Sikorski told me that although legislatures return on September 23rd, nothing pertaining to these bills would be discussed until at least September 30th.  This does not mean they will be discussed September 30th, just that it is the earliest they could be scheduled on the calendar to be discussed.

Mr. Sikorski did not have an opinion how Governor Corbett stands on any of the HB290 issues. 

On a side-note; 
Governor Corbett spoke during the 95th Annual American Legion Convention in Harrisburg a couple weeks ago and although I did not hear his speech, I did ask some of Legionnaire’s that were present during his speech and they all said that he did not mention anything regarding the Small Games of Chance laws . 

Note:  If any of you reading this blog attended the speech and you heard Governor Corbett talk about Small Games of Chance, please leave a comment (or email me at DKellyMyers@gmail.com) letting everyone know what was said.

For more information regarding the status of HB1098 I suggest you read the following post made by the VFW Department of Pennsylvania Facebook page – please note the post was made  this past June 20th;



Office of Senator John Wozniak, Executive Director Josh Myers
Office of Senator Jake Corman, Legislative Director Scott Sikorski
And VFW Department of Pennsylvania Facebook page (see above)